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Deans' House
The clergyman in charge of the administration of the Cathedral was called the Dean (he was responsible of the Cathedral's chapter). It was in this monumental house where the deans of Avila's Cathedral dwelled; it is typically of Castillian construction of the 16th cent., and it is in excellent conditions. It is made up of a main building with other structures which constitute the stables, around a bi-level patio. They are adorned with beautiful columns and vaults with rococo style ironworks, and in its façade the coats of arms of different chapters.

Since 1,969, it has been Avila's provincial museum, which was founded by the Marquis of Benavites, and other subsequent donations in various forms. It also constitutes an investigation hall and an extensive library about Avila and related subjects. This beautiful building was inaugurated in 1,986.