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Puerta de San Miguel o de Al-Hakan II The routes are infinite because the crucible of cultures that is Spain is widely represented in the seven Heritage Cities. The idea of Europe arose from Compostela's pilgrimages, in Salamanca the initiation mystery of knowledge and thought was established with the Devil's Shadow running through its literature, Toledo established the most universal bridge between the west's three greatest religious cultures, the seed of mystic Castilian flourished in Ávila, the gate to the oriental knowledge in astronomy, mathematics, philosophy... opened in Córdoba for the rest of Europe, "Comunero" revolutionary thinking was first raised in Segovia, in Cuenca were born many illustrious names who raised the prestige of the whole country, and Cáceres became the sailor's port in the land of American discovery. However, these cities are much more, since the played their hands in each period of history's card game. The traces of such protagonisms, triumphs and defeats remain.

Iglesia de San Esteban

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