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If the traveller dreams of becoming acquainted with the steps that humanity has travelled within the Peninsula's skin, then there is nothing better than delving into the history of our eight World Heritage Cities. Thus, tbe traveller will obtain a clean and faithful panoramic view and will get to know each one of the principal periods, reflected in their monuments, works of art, streets, museums, in the way they are and the way they live...

A thousand and one different routes could be drawn up to help the visitor plan with his journey. It would be easy to think of an itinerary leaving any one of the cities and joining up with the rest. Curious ones will dream of a complete route. Let us imagine it: you land in Compostela, Galician stone drenched wlth nostalgia; you penetrate Castille, flat and firm, by way of the regions of Ávila, Segovia and Salamanca ; visit Cuenca in La Mancha, medieval stoned wonder; you go down to Cáceres, a hard and extreme land of the south; then you go to Toledo, a frontier city both Castilian and imperial; and you finish in Córdoba, magic, bewitching and mysterious.

Arco de la Estrella

The traveller will be able to take care of time, leisure and inquisitive thinking through dreaming of the past, investigating the present or imagining, the future. This trilogy sustains all the truths of these cities, which are made up of profound historical roots, rich present days and promising tomorrows.


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