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When visiting the Spanish Heritage Cities the traveller should not limit himself to reliving history. It is possible that, while strolling along Compostela's streets in the nights or dawns, some of Gelmirez' or Rosalía de Castro's spirit may still be perceived; to travel from Santiago to Salamanca by Alonso de Fonseca's hand to discover that Fray Luis de Leon's, humour or Unamuno's teachings still survive; to pass the time in Toledo with the resonance of Cardenal Lorenzana's or Samuel Levi's voices while one dreams with the songs of Alonso X the Learned, who is indulging in chromatir conversations with El Greco; to await in Ávila the impossible return of Guiomar, while Pedro Dávila boastfully comes and goes, beside the Bracamantes or El Tostado, who not even after death has ceased writing; or attend in Segovia the proclamation of Isabel as Queen of Castile to the desolation of her aunt Juana, with the Marquis of Lozoya acting as commisioner for oaths; or take a walk with Abd-al-Raahman along the Patio de los Naranjos, in Córdoba; and talking about reencountering spirits, we will greet, in the nights of Cáceres, Saint Peter of Alcántara, who will most probably be intensily argueing matters of eternity with Mario Rojo de Luna under the Brocense's attentive look. Or even to enjoy in Cuenca with the fluid conversations of the audacious navigater don Alonso de Ojeda perhalps with Zaida, the Alfonso the 8th´s wife... Fray Luis

Alcázar de Segovia

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