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The traveller will see that the possible routes are many, no matter where he starts. We have still not mentioned others, such as those of gastronomy, crafts, industry, traditional commerce...., but a word to the wise is enough.

Is it necessary to remind you of Toledo's steel, Compostela's jet, Segovia's stained-glass windows, Salamanca's pottery, Caceres´ embroidery or Avila's blankets? Do we have to cheer up your thoughts with Avila's "revolcona" potatoes, Segovia's sucking pig, Cordoba's "salmorejo", Cuenca´s "zarajos" and morteruelo, Caceres' pork sausage, Salamanca's cured ham, Toledo's marzipan or Santiago's almond cake? Will we have to invite you to Compostela's "Apóstol" fiesta, to Toledo's Corpus, to Salamanca's bullfighting, to Caceres' Medieval Fiesta, to Segovia's "Alcaldesas de Zamarramala" Fiesta or Avila´s "Sonsoles" Fiesta? Will we inform you of each and everyone of their cultural prograrnmes? It is probably not necessary.


Corpus Christi

The alert traveller will know how to find the entrances leading, at each time and occasion, to the routes of Spain World Heritage Cities. We are sure of that.

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