When you think of spain, what do you think of?
sun,... beaches,...flamenco,...the running of the bulls,...(anything else?)

Well, we are ready to stound you with a fact that you did not think! Spain has 557 protected areas and is the European country with the best maintained biodiversity. What's that you ask? Well, it means that we are very proud of our fauna and fowl. So much so that we divided them accordingly to their climate and environment: the Mediterranean, Alpine, Atlantic and Macaronesica.

We developed ten natural parks in which wild life is protected and we keep species not seen in other parts of the world, such as the Imperial Eagle, or the Quebrantahuesos (Bone breaker) a most interesting bird of prey. All of our protected areas occupy more than 25,000 square kilometers, and you will be amazed by the diversity and beauty of each. Their diversity is our strength!

In all we have more than 200 habitats with twelve ecosystems in five climates, and are easily identifiable through the specialized guides which we develop in order to make each park enjoyable and accessible to the nature lover. Without trying to break the beauty of our parks, we have a net of places in which the weary passerby may rest ranking in degree: from hotels to typical bed and breakfasts.

In Spain, we are concerned with making your stay pleasurable, but shattering those stereotypes by which we are known. It is not a well known fact of how green our valleys are, nor our incredible wildlife. That is why it still thrives, and even though we would like to show you, we are also concerned on maintaining the delicate balance of nature. So come, by all means, come and see it; enjoy it with us! But help us it maintain it as well by acting responsibly. Gracias!


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