Have you ever heard of Tarshish? We did too! But this has nothing to do with that! We are ready to introduce Seville, which was found in Southern Spain and with a long history for visitors. Its architecture shows it as well, from the Roman, Romanesque, Medieval, and Arab influences to the after conquest down trough the centuries.

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Most likely you’ve heard of Seville because of the Semana Santa., flamenco and toreo (Holy Week or Easter, flamenco, and bullfighting). But do not miss the trees for the forest. This city is so modern, so up-to-date, that the world economic community decided to hold its World Fair in 1992 there!. And what and exposition we had! If you missed it,....but let’s go back to Seville.

Even though this city is inland, we have the Guadalquivir River, a completely sailable river that allows you to sail into the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Also we got the beginning of the line for the fastest train in Southern Europe. Add to this an airport with international flight capability, and VIOLÁ! You got a modern city with very good connections. You got Seville!

The question now is: “Do you have any sights?” Do we?! Of course we do! We got a marvelous Cathedral which will stound you. We got the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold). “What is that?” Well, simply is where the galleons dropped the gold they brought from the Americas into Spain. We also got the Royal Alcazares, a wonderful castle. And the list goes on!

If you are thinking of Seville as a party place, you are completely right! But we do know how to relax as well. For example, we have four golf courses of 18 holes each. The Gualdalquivir port has 200 anchoring points, and you do not have to worry about the tides. We got the Sierra Nevada Mountains close by if you like to ski in winter, or if you like to hike and nature watch in summer.

And what about the people? Well, if there is anything that Andalusians are known for is for their friendliness and their piropos. Piropos are witty one liners made at the spur of the moments that reflect a form of living of a people who like to enjoy life fully.

Could we entice you anymore? We do not think so! There is only one component missing to all of this fun and that is you! Come to Seville, and you will not want to go back to the office!

Seville is one of the jewels that best showcases Spain's history and it possess many important towers. More for their aesthetic beauty than for their reason of purposes, Seville's towers have remained as part of the Hispanic proudful monuments. The two most important ones are the Giralda and the Torre del Oro both of Muslim origin.

The Torre del Oro (something like the Golden Tower) or the Bury al Dahab was constructed in the 13th cent. By the Muslims towards the end of the Spanish reconquest of the peninsula. It was the last point of a fortress that extended form the Alcazar to the river, and served as the anchoring point of huge chains that crossed the Guadalquivir River (the other side was held a huge boulder) that prevented ships from sailing upstream. It's name does not come as the popular belief holds form the gold that arrived from the Americas and was housed there, but from the tiles that shone as the Sun. It has served many uses throughout history. Today is a naval museum.

The Giralda is another of the symbols of Seville and it was constructed in 1,198. Found in the heart of Seville and almost 130 meters tall, it was a minaret of the Great Mosque when Seville was under Muslim control. In 1,356, the adornment of the steeple fell, and a weathervane was place instead that would turn (turn in Spanish is GIRA) at the slightest of the breezes, which gave the tower its name. Today the Giralda is part of Seville's cathedral.

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