No offense, but have you tried our food? ... Are you sure?... OK! If you are ready we'll give you a pop quiz: How many cultural groups there are in Spain? Aha! Gotcha! Well, the answer would be four main cultures, and if that is only in cultures and languages, just imagine how that multiplies the varieties of food!!

Little history review. Spain has been under Phoenicians (they gave us nifty sauces, and how to use spices), Greeks (thanks for the oil!), Romans (how to build really strong tables on which to eat,...OH! we forgot, some wines- but we made them better!), Arabs (Boy! Do they know how hot the summer is, so thanks for the gazpacho!), and then Napoleon dropped for a visit, and can you believe it! He wanted us exclusively for himself!! We said no thanks, and showed him the way out. Now they want to take our nice cavas.

But it's OK, no hard feelings, now they come on vacation and we serve them our marvelous food. Isn't life great!! We got great recipes for meat, fish and vegetables. We are ready to cater to your palate, needs, and wants (but first you should consult your doctor....JUST KIDDING!).

For example, did you know what a tortilla is in Spain? Well, it is made of eggs. You call it an omelet. To it we add many things, such as potatoes, green peppers, ham, onions, but not all at once, unless you like it that way!. Any way, enough cholesterol for one day!

Now seriously, we have excellent food if we may say so. It has a great variety and flexibility, because our cuisine fits any situation or mood in which you may find. High and sophisticated to something quick and filling. This is because we have become masters in the usage of spices, and we KNOW our spices, which is not to say that our food is hot because of Tabasco, but because we get it out of the pan that way (it is best served hot many times, unless you are eating gazpacho). If anything, we may be guilty of being salty with our food, but we learned to hold it, so that you may put the amount with suits you.

Our food is renown around the world for achieving the highest quality in culinary expositions and conferences. These plates mixed the great varieties of wines and after dinner liquors create a meal worthy of a king or queen (And we still have one of those too!).

There is only one thing missing to our recipes, and we are not ashamed to recognize it. As a matter of fact we do not hide it, yet even boast about it. The ingredient missing is none other than YOU! So, when are you coming to enjoy a meal with us? As the bard said: "That is the question!"

Any specialities: Tortilla de patatas, Caldereta de langosta, Lacon con grelos, Fabada, Bacalao al pil-pil, Marmitako, Escalibada, Paella, Fideua, Cordero asado, Cocido madrileño, Lentejas, Gazpacho manchego, Pescaito frito, Dorada a la sal,...

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