We whole heartedly agree with the Duke of Newcastle, when he said in the 1700s that the Spanish horse were the most intelligent, gallant, and noble. BUT OF COURSE!!! We taught and maintain them! After all something had to rub off on them.

But seriously, the Spanish-andalusian equine race is one of the few natural races of the world, descending from the ancestral lineage of the Numida, Libyan or Berberisc horse, which was the wild horses of the Central Asian plains. The first horses where broken by the Ibers, around the 13th or 12th century BC.

The Spanish horses bred in Andalusia, the old Roman Betica, began their fame in the Iberian and Celtiberian squadrons of the Carthaginian cavalry. Then came the Romans, and upon experiencing the quality of our steeds, they used them to conquer the known world. The Spanish horses then became the standard of the war horse for its temperance, speed, resistance, and depth of character. They were used for breeding and their name spread all over Europe.

The Spanish stallions and mares became essential in the Spanish Reconquest against the Arabs. Even the horse of the reknown hero of the conflict, El Cid Campeador, was the famed Babieca. This magnificent animal was the key to the success of the Christians. On the conquest of America, the Spanish horses demonstrated once again that the Toledan steel is not the only 'steel' of Spain. Cervantes, the author of the Spanish Don Quixote, said: 'The cradle of the best horses in the world'.

The favorite war horse of Napoleon was a Spanish steed, of which its skeleton has been kept at the Museum of Natural History of Paris.

Maximilian II of Austria created the famous line of Kaldrub, Imperial of Lipitzza, and the Mezohegyes, with the stock of Spanish stallions and mares.

A Spanish pure bred horse maintains its stamina with a measured stance of its power and movements. Its rhythm and grace of execution of its movements, when it is led by expert riders, instill in the rider, as well as in the spectator, a feeling of grandeur. Making the Spanish pure bred to be praised by riders, of any level of expertise. This is then the reason why they are sought after.

We could go on and give the details, but really you just have to experience this formidable animal, and witness for yourself the temperance of the same. How its poise brings out, even more vividly, the tremendous strength of such magnificent beasts! And how well it measures its energy dispensing.

You have seen the Budweiser stallions, but believe us when we say that once you have experienced our pure breeds, you will have arrived at the point of no return. And this is just to show you how humble we are about our horses! They are not just for trotting around!


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