This non-governmental organization(NGO) is made up of volunteers for whom a book is much more than a decorative piece over a coffee table. Their team work, a non-profit effort, is centered in the gathering of funds from a variety of schools (K - 12), editorial companies, and other organizations to distribute books in less favored countries of the world. Their mark has been felt in many regions worldwide where children now can learn to read all of those stories that have comforted us in our childhood.
Those stories helped us to broaden our perspectives form our realities and allowed us to learn better ways to communicate. We learned, produced, imagined, ... we just grew up with their lessons! And now, Books for the World is giving the same chance to children around the world!
The simple conclusion would be that for an underdeveloped region or a developing country, in order to face the future with hope, it becomes imperative to possess the option to know and learn its past and future potential. Thus, to develop a library is a gift beyond help. It is evident then that there is a direct connection between knowledge and development. Books for the World aims to shorten the gap between the two.

Ongoing Projects:

Books for the World has sent library materials to the following places:

Upcoming projects:

If you would be interested in donating a book or in helping with a donation, you could contact:
Libros Para El Mundo
Carretas 14 - 7D
28012, Madrid, SPAIN
Tel. 34 - 1 - 522 - 6211
Fax 34 - 1 - 523 - 42368

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