So what’s the big deal? Well, how would you like to run in front of ten not-too-happy bulls down a street with people yelling at you, and with barricades on your right and left? CHEAP THRILLS! I don’t think SO! And yet people from al over the world come to join us as we do the Running of the Bulls. We know how to go to extremes. And yet this is one of the most internationally celebrated festivities that we have in Spain, thanks to Ernest Hemingway.

This week of complete party begins each year on the 7th of July, when the mayor of Pamplona lets go of a rocket, known as the Chupinazo. It is tradition that you tie a red bandanna on you neck (how do you think we get the bulls running after you?)., and LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!

This holiday has its roots in both worlds, the religious since San Fermin is the Patron Saint of Navarra, and in pagan traditions which celebrate the bulls. The streets become flooded with calvaçades with charades of giants, charangas (music bands that move around town), and add to this all of the restaurants and bars are open for the whole week. Can the body take this? It seems impossible, but it is actually plausible, in fact, we do it every year. Believe me that once you’ve done it, you’ll want to come back.

The whole celebration is dedicated to the senses. Plunge yourself in our plates of delicacies, and Northern recipes: Pil Pil Cod, Ajorriero, Pochas, Steaks (a what steaks!!), amongst others. Taste our great wines from Navarra and our great beer, and make friends with people all over the world.

Where did the idea came from? It is actually very old, and it had its roots on the cow herders when they moved the bulls to the Plaza to do bull fighting. The running of the bulls is done through the old quarter of the city, and begins at the City Hall ending at the bull fighting ring. Believe once you see it, you’ll want to do it! Besides you’ll get to loose those extra pounds you’ve been meaning to!

Viva Sanfermin!! Gora Sanfermin!!


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