Balcones colgantes del Parque Güell, Monumento declarado
Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la Unesco.Barcelona-
Hanging balconies of the Güell Park, which is a World Heritage Monument found in Barcelona.

GÜELL PARK - Ceded by the descendants of Eusebi Güell to Barcelona's City Hall. Conceived as the beginning of a residential suburb, similar to the English gardens communities, however the projected housing was never built. In this park, Gaudí, through the usage of nature, offers us a insight in to his imagination is a feat of architectural equilibrium between modernism and craftsmanship in a myriad of forms and resources.


Bancos ondulados en la plaza del Parque Güell, formado por un
romántico collage de azulejos y formando su equlibrio, acogedores espacios
Undulated benches found in the great plaza of the Güell Park; these are formed through a complex mixture of broken ceramic pieces in a equilibrium forming a romantic and peaceful space.
Dragon, uno de los muchos sorprendentes detalles que decoran a este
singular parque
Dragon. One of the several surprising details that adorn the unique park.
Parque Güell, uno de sus dos accesos, escalinatas.
Set of stairs, one of the two accesses, of Güell Park


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