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Maja Vestida

La Maja de Goya


Vicente Escrivá, one of the great admirers of Goya (he once said: "Without him modern art is inconceivable"), has dedicated the last eight years to the composition of LA MAJA DE GOYA; this is a beautiful play about the life of the painter, and which most likely will travel to international cities as Toronto, London, Sidney, and most likely Broadway.


The fact that the affairs of the painter with the Duchess of Alba are a popular fact, but there is not one historical document that ascertains such stories, gave way to Escrivá to delineate the life of the painter, through using factual information, to create an imaginary setting through which permeates the torments and sufferings brought on by the affair with the Duchess, which are finally reflected in his paintings. In this play, the raw passionate life of both of the protagonists are felt in the stanzas: "No one can stop our love, no one, not even God Himself can stop it". Overall, for Goya, this affair is not a mundane reality; some of the settings reflect typical identifiable episodes of his life which are subsequently reflective of today.

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