Our arrangement with Amazon Books give us the chance to make a selection of some of the must-have books related to Spain and its culture. And that's what the CyberSpain team has done: some of the books that we consider relevant to those people interested in our country. Just follow the links to plunge in the most outstanding titles of Spain's related books.

From Rafael Alberti, one of the best poets of this century and friend of Lorca, we have selected

From Camilo Jose Cela, our last Nobel Prize, we selected three outstanding novels

No library is completed without Don Quixote by Cervantes. We have selected the Ormsby Translation, an excellent version with a superb price.

Looking for a Spanish dictionary? The Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Language is not only the best one, but it is THE Spanish dictionary. A must.

1998 is Lorca's Year. Any year is good to discover one of the most important writers of the century. We have selected the best poems and the best thearter by Lorca

1998 is also the centenary of the 98 Generation, which gave us excellent literary works. One of its members was Antonio Machado, one of the best Spanish poets. We have selected an outstanding edition of an Anthology of his poetry both in English and in Spanish made by Carl W. Cobb.

If you want to know Barcelona, you have to read Eduardo Mendoza novels. The Year of the Flood is his last acclaimed by the critic work.

Javier Marias is one of the Spanish writers of the moment. A Heart so White and All the Souls are two of his most succesful novels, both acclaimed by public and critic.