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Here are some of the many opinions that we received through e-mail from our clients around the globe:

I just recently discovered CyberSpain and was gladly surprised by your tremendous selection of products. I am greatly interested in the musical roots of Spain, and I am always on the look out for titles in order to increase my collection. It has been sometime now that the only materials that I can get a hold of are the most commercial titles, and the selections have been shrinking by the day. I wanted to congratulate all of you at CyberSpain for your service, quality and prices. Congratulations.
Mr.Hermann Koener (Bonn, Germany)

I am a professor and I was having a hard time finding books and documents needed for my classes. Since this activity took often most of my time, and money, and often I came up empty. When I found your web page was like a miracle! Upon receiving your answer to my e-mail, I realized that your service is dedicated to the customer. I was glad when I consulted you on the encryption services destined to protect the customer.
Mr. Johnson (Chicago, IL)

As a bilingual educator in the United States, I was having many problem trying to provide for the population in my school. Your service was the key to success! Thanks to CyberSpain, we at the High School are able to find materials and books that will further our students interests in higher learning. We are indebted to you!
Mr. Garrigo (Perth Amboy, NJ)

I needed information about some of the products, and I received it in no time. I assure, from that moment I became a fan of your web page.
Mr.Paul R.Rogers (Minneapolis, U.S)

Our country is passionate about authentic Spanish products and culture, but it is quite difficult to find a good selection of the same. You have to be searching from one place to another, besides the quality is not the most advisable. After having tried CyberSpain in a couple of orders, I have been able to witness your commitment to quality and service, in which I have developed great confidence. I will be checking your pages often to see new offers and to find what I need.
Mr. Koichi Yanagi (Nagasaki, Japan)

I received my order two days ago, and I am still impressed with the speed in which you acted. I have purchased on a few occasions from the Net, and I am glad to tell you that your company was one of the best in service so far and with a great selection of products. I encourage you to continue and to add more products.
Mr. Lavitt (Melbourne, Australia)

I am very happy with the order. I was searching for authentic Spanish articles, which I consider the best in quality/price, and I found it in one of my searches. I would have never imagined so! The order was in perfect order and everything arrived in good condition. Besides the prices are reasonable, when you take the cost of shipping into account. I will see you around soon!
Mr. M.de Roiij (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

I find your selection of products to be extraordinary. Your ideas are excellent, because people like me, who know what the Spanish culture has to offer, now have the avenue to enjoy it. I had had a hard time trying to find products which are only sold inside of Spain. I enjoy my vacations there, but those are a few days of the year, and that was not enough. Now I know how to keep in contact with this admirable country.
Mr. J.Hedberg (Stockholm, Sweden)

Eventhough your selection is expandable, it is commendable the quality and variety of your books and printed materials. I know by experience the difficulty in finding editions that are practically sold out around the world. Your selection allowed me to buy one of those books that I thought were sold out two years ago. Thank you!
Mr. John S. Lavin (Austin, TX)

"Bravo CyberSpain! Sometimes it is difficult to find products that we miss when we return from our travels to Spain. I assure you that there are a number of people that know you, because I told them that if they cannot find something that they have been looking for, to connect with your site.
Ing. Juan Fernandez Juarez (Mexico, D.F)
[original message received in Spanish]

As a Spanish literature student, often I am frustrated that I cannot find materials which I consider basic to my studies. From now on I found a solution: CyberSpain! I know I can come to you with great confidence that you will do what is possible to answer my needs. I owe you part of my grades from the last courses!
Mr. Keiichiro Hirose (Tokyo, Japan)


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