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The Best WebPages Award from the SpainQuest® Project is an annual contest created by GSC España for the World Heritage Cities of Spain Association. With a valuable trip to the seven Cities for the winners, The Best WebPages Award energizes the intellectual power of students around the world encourages students from schools that are on different levels of learning the Spanish culture, history and language to form Teams and create Web-based educational tools and materials that make learning about Spain fun and contagious and take advantage of the strengths of the Internet.

Each Team has teachers or mentors who act as Coaches, but the Students are required to do all of the work. After a Team is formed, the Team must submit an Application describing the Team and a description of what the Team plans to submit as its "Entry". If the Application complies with applicable Rules and offers educational benefits for other students, it will be accepted. At that point, the Team then moves to the next stage to develop and test its Entry. An Entry includes both a collection of Web pages that can help other students learn about Spain and the seven World Heritage Cities of Spain, and related information about the Team and the Web pages (as links to related resources of information).

When an Entry is complete and working, the Team must advise the World Heritage Cities Association by email. Each Entry will be reviewed, and if the Entry appears to comply with the Rules and has educational merit, it will be mirrored on the Association site. Based on the Organization criteria, the Judges will select several Teams as Finalists. Based on the relative merits of each of the finalist Entries, the Judges will select the winners.


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