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The Award for the Winners

After the Judges select the winners based on the criteria in the rules, the winning Team is presented with a trip to all the World Heritage Cities of Spain .


Forming A Team

Students who which to participate in the SpainQuest Program must first form teams. A student is eligible, if at the Application deadline, he or she is:

  • 12 through 19 years old.
  • In good standing in any school or equivalent in any country where participation is lawful, and not registered as a full-time student in an institution of higher learning or post-secondary school such as College or University or equivalent.

When you select your team members, it is valuable to keep diversity of talents needed to develop a successful entry. For example, you may want to choose different individuals with strong web skills, who are familiar with the subject matter of the entry,....

Each team must select a Team Leader. This person is responsible for:

  • making sure each step is followed on time.
  • stay in contact by email with the SpainQuest manager


Teachers and Coaches

Every student team member must have a coach to guide and assist him or her. A Coach is eligible if he or she is:

  • a teacher or employee of a school who can speak Spanish
  • able to give regular help and coaching assistance to the Students coached by him or her, and over the age of 21


The School

The school must confirm the Team (name and age of each of the members and the coach), stating its interest to support the team and signed by a competent authority. Sent it to :

Asociacion de Ciudades Patrimonio de España
Secreataria de la Asociacion
fax (in Spain) : +34-1-3113539

Ref. SpainQuest : Best WebPages Award

Selecting an Entry Topic about the 7 World Heritage Cities of Spain

You must make pages related to all of the 7 Cities as a group. The information on the web pages must be both in Spanish and in English. Your Team's interests should determine the Entry you choose. Will you be focusing on art, architecture, traditions, fiestas, history,.... The options are many, but since you only have a limited amount of time, your team will need to focus on narrowing the topic. The first step is to generate ideas on the type of Entry your Team wants to create.

Developing an Application

Once you've reached a point where you feel comfortable with the choices, start evaluating your ideas. This discussion should include: is the project doable? Do you realistically have the time and resources to complete the proposed project? How will the team collaborate to get the job done? How valuable will the topic be as a teaching tool or Internet learning resource for students and teachers around the world?

Implementation Plan to Achieve Your Goals

There are many advantages to using the Internet for education, but your first task is to determine what your Entry goals and learning objectives are. Your Entry design will look quite different depending on what those goals are. A common mistake is trying to cover too many things, whereas the best projects focus on one or two specific areas.

Some typical goals are listed below:

  • To teach specific content or subject matter.
  • To improve reading and writing skills.
  • To teach collaboration.
  • To motivate students.
  • To "showcase" student work.


Submitting an Application to Participate

To be eligible to participate in SpainQuest, the team must first submit an Application form that describes the proposed Entry (the actual project to be submitted). The Application form must be submitted by email. We accept forms submitted before ............

The Application must contain information on the Team makeup and a description of what the Team plans to submit as their Entry. This section is completed by the Coach.

Applications must show that the proposed entry will have educational value and be suitable, in the opinion of the Judges, for use in schools by students from 12 through 19 years old.

Application Forms (and the actual Entry) must comply in all respects with the instructions outlined in the SpainQuest Rules and be submitted on or before the designated deadline

Once the Application is received in time, we will confirm the participation on the contest by sending a reply to the Coach and the School email addresses together with a Team ID number.

Submitting the Web Pages

Once the pages are finished, the Team should send an email confirming it and giving the http address where the pages are located. The selected web pages will be mirrored on our server time before the final Judges decission. We will contact the selected Teams to require by email HTML pages, pictures, graphics and/or any other file needed to use on their pages.

The finished work confirmation must be received before 11:59 p.m. on ..........., 1998

Teams are advised to submit their Application as early as possible prior to the deadline. No excuses (including weather conditions, power outages, equipment failure or network problems) will be accepted for delayed filing.

Parent/Guardian Permission

If a Team wins the Award, each of its members must have a parent/permission to make the trip to the World Heritage Cities of Spain. If for any reason, the Coach cannot travel with their Team, any other qualified adult can be appointed by the own Coach or by the School.

Judging Process

For simplicity, all persons who perform any of the reviews will be called "Judges." All decisions of Judges will, in all respects, be final and binding upon all participants in the SpainQuest Program. The judges may decide to disapprove a Entry if they are of the opinion that:

  • There has been no timely and proper submission of the Application, the Entry, or all of the Entry Forms;
  • There is a lack of sufficient educational merit;
  • There is a violation of any portion of the Contents, the Entries, the Eligibility or the duties and obligations of the Team's members

The Judges' evaluations will be based on:

  • The importance of the educational objectives of the Entry and its effectiveness in meeting those objectives
  • The imagination, originality, innovation, graphic design and artistic presentation of the Entry and its material
  • The measurement of the valid frequency of use of an Entry, the nature of its use and users, and the comments of other users on the Entry
  • The expectation that other students will heavily use the Entry
  • The technical quality of the Entry
  • The quality of the contents of the Entry, including the accuracy and completeness of information (formulae, propositions, text, illustrations, etc.), the expressiveness and clarity in communication of ideas

All decisions of Judges and the SpainQuest management will, in all respects, be final and binding upon all participants in the SpainQuest.

Parent/Guardian Permission

If a Team wins the Award, each of its members must have a parent/permission to make the trip to the World Heritage Cities of Spain. If for any reason, the Coach cannot travel with their Team, any other qualified adult can be appointed by the own Coach or by the School.

Copyrighted Material

Ideally, each SpainQuest Team will review all the materials the Team can find on the subject it intends to cover in its Entry. The Team will then develop its own approach to organizing, presenting, and developing the subject matter. Thus, the SpainQuest staff encourages each Team to thoroughly research its selected topic, develop its own organization for presenting its views on that topic, write or otherwise create its own Entry, and then document that Entry by providing appropriate credits for the documents, web sites, books and other sources that it used in preparing its Entry. This example includes the references as a link in the Wrap-Up section. The reference link brings up a separate page showing significant references used by the Team. This can be a good technique, if used together with links or citations throughout your site to credit specific sources for copied material.

Important Notice: There must be a clear statement of the source of all Entry content (including all text, images, graphics, and sound) that has been copied from other works. Content that violates copyright laws must not be used. For original work the Team should include a statement that the Team members themselves developed this content.

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