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Yes! You remember the ‘92 Olympics! And maybe you had heard of it before, but Barcelona has so much to offer that it is very hard to put it in one page! You see Barcelona has evolved from the Iberian and Phoenician cultures, down through the Greeks, to the Romans, Goths, and Arabs. BUT WAIT!!! The city itself as it stands today is made up of five towns, not counting the original city.

Lost? Don’t worry the city actually is very easily divided and understood because the “Ensanche”, which means the widening, is a series of perpendicular crossing streets that unites all into one great city. You see, we created our city to be easily visited.

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You see we do not even count the centuries. In Barcelona, you can see architecture from two millennia, and that’s no joke! Under our precious Cathedral, at the heart of the Old Barcelona, marking the Gothic Quarter, we discovered part of the old Barcino, which is how the Romans called the city. The Sagrada Familia Cathedral is a stunning work of art (100 years in the making and we’re still working on it!). And we could go on about the other parts of the city. Just to mention one street begin at Plaza Lesseps down the Gran de Gracia through Passeig the Gracia to Plaza Calatunya to the Ramblas, the most beautiful street of the city no doubt, will take to the Mediterranean Sea, and there you will be amazed at what we did! Here history meets with outstanding results!

Mixed to it, the cultural atmosphere of the city is just as exciting. Barcelona could be called a city of museums (about 40!) where you can see important historical as well as amazing works of modern art. Everything, from our Footwear Museum to the Miro Foundation, we got museums to tickle your fancies. See the life of Pablo Picasso through his artistic development, visit the Museum of Funeral Carriages, come to the Castle Military Museum, don’t forget the Perfume Museum, and we could go on. (Thus is just scraping the surface!!!!)

Gaudi: La Sagrada Familia
Nocturnal view of the modernistic cathedral of the Holy Family. (sagrada Familia). The facade depicting the Nativity is an element of the same, and was completed within the life of its architect GAUDI
Add to the city’s natural beauty, the celebration and the life of one of the most cosmopolitan city of Spain. From January to December, we got holidays with centuries of tradition. From the Three Kings Day cavalcade through the carnival and celebration of St. Valentine’s. “Big deal!”, you say. Wait let us finish! The celebration of St. Jordi (St. George), the patron saint of Catalonia, together with the rose and book festivals. The Eve celebration of St. John, and St. Peter in June. The Grec Festival, which is a celebration of the arts. The “Onze de Septembre (the 11th of September) and the 24th of the same month, the festivity of La Merce, the patron saint of Barcelona. And these are not all!!

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Catalonian cuisine is as varied as the city itself. From the most typical Catalan inns to the modern restaurants specializing in the nouvelle cuisine, we cater to your palate. (See our page on gastronomy.)


Last but in no way least is the city’s night life. We got clubs for all tastes of music if you want to dance the night away, or maybe you would rather go and sit at a pub. Come to any of our theaters and enjoy typical Catalonian and Spanish plays, as well as Broadway style productions. However, if opera is your thing, come to the world famous Lliceu, or enjoy a concert at the Palau de la Musica.

And we have not yet began, we could go on to talk about soccer. We got two major clubs in the city! (See our page on soccer.) Our language, culture, economy, etc. are just as interesting. There’s just no way to include it all; come and see it for yourself!!

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