"From Madrid to Heaven"

Madrid is our capital and it sits (literally) at the center of our country. (As a matter of fact, when you come to visit, go and see the 0 kilometer; we take all measurements of distance from this point). It is populated by more than four million people, and sits at the center of both worlds, whether it be old and new, or day and nightlife.

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Our capital is connected in itself through an intricate net of subways and busses, which allow to virtually travel from any point of the city to any part of the same in public transportation. But if you rather take a more direct route, you could just hop into a taxi. If you would like to get out of the city, but are no necessarily looking to travel far commuting trains and busses are available; you could also take a train to any part of country or even to Portugal and France (Sorry, we have no trains yet going to the Canary Islands). But if you think that the road is too long, and would like to travel on a lighter side if things, than just come to our international airport and fly to any point of the world. (For interstellar travel, see Cape Canaveral).

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El madrid de hoy visto por Jesus Casaus: El paseo del prado con el Palacio de
comunicaciones al fondo, La fuente de
El madrid de hoy visto por Jesus Casaus: El paseo del prado con el Palacio de comunicaciones al fondo, La fuente de "La Cibeles" en el centro, apenas se distingue

Now let us talk of what would you want to come. We have plenty of reasons, and some of them are so old that we would ask you not to touch them. These we have kept in the many museums that we have in our city. The most reknown and important is the El Prado Museum (See page of the El Prado) , which the national gallery, and where we have kept masterpieces from the 6th century to the 19th century. But we also got the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art, Cerralbo Museum, Thyssen Collection, Lazaro Galdiano Museum, and the Royal Palace (see our page on it) amongst others.

Tower of comunications
Madrid is overall an architecturally modern city. In this picture, you can see one of the two communication towers found here.

If got tired of walking in the museums, we have beautiful parks within the city in which we take nice afternoon or evening walks, and we know you'll like them as well. The most important one of these is the El Retiro Park (named for its relaxation effect), where you could rent a row boat or attend shows, or even see artistic expositions. But do not forget to see the Royal Gardens; they are beautiful in bloom. Add to this list the Casa de Campo gardens, the Sabatini Gardens and again the list goes on.

But, do not get the wrong impression, we just do not spend our days walking about. Madrid is a thriving city where some of the most important corporations and companies of the world maintain headquarters. Where main streets, such as the Gran Via, are bustling with people and traffic in a hurry to keep appointments. Really! We do not have the luxury to take a siesta, but do not get nervous, we will not dream of interrupting yours, Go ahead! And when you are ready to party, so are we!

El madrid de hoy visto por Jesus Casaus: Gran Via en su
confluencia con la C/ de Alcala
El madrid de hoy visto por Jesus Casaus: Gran Via en su confluencia con la C/ de Alcala

The nightlife of Madrid is just a hectic as the business life! Theaters, cinemas, shows, dance clubs of all kinds become alive in the city. Go to the Opera, or dance technopop music. Listen to a classical recital and dance disco the night away. See a flamenco show and move to the beat of a salsa. We got it all!

What about food? Not that we are trying to sound conceited, but it EXCELLENT! (See our page on it). We have a saying in Madrid, and it is the truth: In Madrid there is everything for everyone. See it for yourself!!

Remember: "From Madrid to Heaven"


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