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Do you like nature? We got it! Do you like history? We got it! Do you enjoy exotic foods and great wines? We got that too! Are you ready for Adventure?

Well, hold on to your pants, because we got the perfect experience for you, and it has nothing to do with cheap thrills nor false sales!!

Santiago's Cathedral

You need to get out of your office and SEE THE WORLD AS IT IS!! Come to the Route to Santiago and experience live as you have never done before! Where else in the world can you travel through one of the oldest nature routes (almost 1200 years old!!), meet interesting people, see some of the best sights, enjoy history, and eat delicacies, while you get free lodging, exercise, and spiritual renewal? Here is where the mind, body and soul unite, and you will see that upon doing this adventure, you will be renewed into a new person. Come and find out what millions of Europeans and around the globe have lived. Leon's Cathedral
Santa Mª la Real, Sanguesa On the Route to Santiago, you will travel in one of the main routes of Christendom and you will find out why UNESCO, the United Nations cultural branch, declared the Route to Santiago to be a Patrimony for all Humanity. You have heard of the Holy Land, you know about Rome, but have you ever done the Route to Santiago, known also as “the first cultural European itinerary”? Come and see the place where the Apostle James was buried many centuries ago, while enjoying many historical sites dealing with Spanish history, both Christian and Muslim.


There are two places where you can start your adventure: At the Valley of Roncesvalles at the Province of Navarra, or at the Port of Somport at the Province of Huesca. The path will take you through Northern Spain, one of the best kept secrets and jewels of Europe. If you were to do this travel when the 25th of July falls on a Sunday, you can add to your badge of honor that you did the Route on a Xacobean Year, a holy year. Find forgiveness for your sins and peace of mind away from the office. Roncesvalles' Colegiata
the route Make the route on foot or on bicycle (Sorry, motor vehicles are forbidden!), and wear comfortable waterproof boots, because this journey is not for the faint hearted! Just kidding! Each day’s journey has been divided into 10 to 12 Kms parts, so that if you reaaaally want to enjoy it, you may. Thus the path to Santiago is for you to decide in speed, place to begin, and where do you want to stop. But you do not need to rough it completely either!! At the starting point of the journey, you ought to get a bordón, a walking staff to help you along the way, and a safe pass form the local church, and this pass will provide you with free lodging as it is stamped along the way to Santiago. In Galicia both of these mementos will provide you with unforgettable memories of your journey.

Click on the button to see the map to Santiago (39Kb)

The Pillgrim

El Santiago el peregrino, talla que corona la fachada de la Catedral.- St James the pillgrim over the Holly Door

“But is there anything worth eating there?” you may ask. Well!! How does fresh trout from some of the purest rivers in Europe sound? Or maybe fresh fish or even lobster from the Cantabrian Sea? “Too much fish” you said, well we got great ram and pork bathed and roasted in some of the finest wines of Europe (Ribeiros, Albariños, and Rioja). Sorry, we did not mean to forget you if you do not like meat entirely, we also got some of the best cheeses and other delicacies to tease your palate.

Come and see and travel through four important historical times of Spain: The Romanesque, Arabic, Gothic and the Renaissance. Sorry no modern times, we did not think you would enjoy warfare, however....well, you should just come and see, experience life to the fullest and you will thank us for keeping it as we have!!


Portico de la Gloria, Santiago


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