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Enormous incensiary of the Cathedral of the Apostle James (Santiago Apóstol)


Santiago de Compostela is a miracle of stone work that was born to receive and embrace the thousands of pilgrims that have yearly down through the centuries through the Route to Santiago to see the tomb of the Apostle. A desire, a longing made of stone that down through the centuries to today portrays the splendor of a historical and monumental complex unique in the world.


Santiago is, by tradition and by its personality, an open city with the hospitality as an icon of its identity, ready to show its history and its legends, to share the beauty of its streets and plazas to its visitors.

And yet it is a dynamic, youthful and active city. The capital of Galicia and the seat of the autonomic government of the region, Santiago is the proud home of a five hundred years old university and the center of many cultural activities of many kinds.

St James the piligrin over the Holly Door

Royal Hospital of Santiago of Compostela Façade of the Treasure
San Paio de Antares Monastery Rua Nova
Gate of the Silversmiths Tower of Clock
General View of Santiago Gate of the Glory
Claustro del Colegio de Fonseca Santiago’s Cathedral
University of Santiago The Road to Santiago
Plaza of the Quintana San Martín Pinario Monastery


Town Hall
Plaza del Obradoiro, s/n
Palacio de Raxoi
15705 - Santiago de Compostela
La Coruña
Tel. (981) 542342
Tel. Int. +34-81-542342

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