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Dome of the Old Catedral or Tower of the Cock
and Dome of the New Cathedral


The knowledgeable Salamanca, with its two universities, two cathedrals and its many palaces and churches, peaks at the beauty of its Plaza Mayor. So much richness in such close quarters shares perfectly the youthful air of a prosperous and bustling city.

Its stones reflect the university students' life from yesterday and today, that prohibit the city from aging. Within its classrooms and its libraries studied erudites such as Saint John of the Cross, Father Luis of Leon, and Unamuno. Today you will find within those walls the Spanish generations of the 21st. Century.

The visitor will find within Salamanca little streets brimming with history and life, that create the enchantment of this city which is not based only in its monuments. It is a summary of history throughout the centuries. In its mix of quietness from the ancient masonry, time has passed together with the joyful noise of the youth, that in its invigorating spirit, resides the magic of Salamanca.

The visitor will easily fall in love with this city of centennial stones. Discover its universities, la Casa de las Conchas (The House of the Shells), its majestic cathedrals, its plazas, palaces and convents, and also its taxing cuisine with its traditional country ambrosia of flavors.

Window at the Façade
of the House of the Shells
Fray Luis of León
Fronts the University’s Façade


Roman Bridge and Cathedral Main Plaza of Salamanca
Church - Convent of Saint Stephen.
Patio of the Kings
Saint Sebastián’s Church
Palace of the Anaya School House of the Deaths
Interior of the New Cathedral Façade of the Mercy
House os Shells Patio of the Minor Schools
Palace of Monterrey Salamanca University
Complex of the Old and New Cathedrals Interior of the Old Cathedral


Town Hall
Plaza mayor
37002 - Salamanca
Tel. (923) 279100
Tel. Int. +34-923-279100

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