Contrary to what you may be thinking, this has nothing to do with Russian ropes! As a matter of fact, it is a city found in Andalucia situated by the Guadalquivir River, Southern Spain, that has deep roots into Iberian, Roman, Visigothic, Arabic, and Jewish cultures.

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The Mosque

In no other city in the world, the Muslim and Christian cultures meshed as they have in Cordoba. We have, and this is something you have to see for yourself, the mosque-cathedral (YES! You read it correctly!) which is amazing! “How can this be?”, you ask,... Simple! Abderraman II in the 7th century ordered the construction of a Mosque on top to the ruins of the Visigothic church following the plans of the Mosque of Damascus. Preceded by a patio of Orange trees, and with the typical columns holding horseshoe arches supporting a carved wooden ceiling of different colors. It remained this way since 856 AD. With the conquest of the city by the Christians, the Catholic King Ferdinand III ordered the construction of a Christian cathedral in side the Mosque, thus maintaining the Arabic construction, and creating a unique piece of art, that remains to today.

A street

The quarter of the “Juderia” (of the Jews), where the Jewish community flourished until 1492, when the Catholic Kings expelled them, remains as Seneca and Maimonides saw it!! You see, we believe in not touching or changing our history (Some of it is not our best, but it would be worse if we tried to hide it or deny it. Don’t you think so?). Walk through the narrow streets, with the white limestone painted houses and the little overhanging balconies. See the small shops where jewelry, ceramic artifacts and other typical hand made objects are still being made. BUT! DO NOT, do not miss the only Synagogue still remaining here!! YES! The actual Synagogue from 1492 still stands in this quarter!

The Cathedral But Cordoba is much more than historical buildings. In Cordoba, we enjoy our past just as we enjoy our present very much, that is why we have many “tascas” (taverns), bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, theaters, etc. In Cordoba we celebrate all of the aspects of life. Our food is as rich as our background (see also our page on gastronomy) , having Arabic, as well as Christian recipes. Olive oil, known for its healthy properties, is king in our recipes, which are great once you have tasted them together with some the best wines.

In Cordoba, we have holidays and celebrations all year long, that is, there is something happening each month! Cavalcades for the Magi, Carnival, and Easter among others are excellent, in which you can witness the mastery of the Arabian horses as magnificent creatures. From June through September, the city is engulfed in festivities from the different quarters with open air music recitals, dance, and just wholesome fun!

Come to Cordoba, you will experience life with our kaleidoscopic three-fold past and our colorful present!

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